Creative Commons

This week the class topics included:

  • Copyright law regarding digital content
  • How to apply Fair Use principles and practice in an educational setting
  • Creative Commons licensing as it applies to digital resources, as a consumer and a creator
  • Public domain, and the differences between PD, Fair use, and CC.


What I learned this week…

This week I believe the most important single take-away for me is that the laws that protect information and intellectual property are best left in the hands of a professionals (lawyers) if one plans to roll-out regurgitated information on a wide scale.


How I will use this knowledge/application in the future

In the future I plan to consider these topics when mitigating risk related to using information that falls under one or more of these categories and design personal and professional polices that incorporate the spirit of this lesson.


What is the relative advantage of using this technology?

The advantage of using this technology allows a person or entity to act in what could be considered a reasonable manner to demonstrate that due process was considered to avoid any liability associated with using protected information.


I wonder what would happen if…

What would happen if our files where scanned for protected data?

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