Digital Imaging, Graphics and Visualization Data

This week the class topics included:

  • Editing digital photos
  • Creating graphics Review and use Software for creating/editing graphics and photos
  • Info-graphics


What I learned this week…

  • Editing digital photos – Digital Imaging refers to digital photos and pictures
  • Creating graphics – Graphics is a catch-all term for any images, photos, or non-textual, visual content created or viewed on the computer
  • Visualizing data refers to the software used in creating/editing graphics and photos, creation of charts, graphs, and other graphics to convey information from tables and spreadsheets.
  • Info-graphics – Turning complex data and information into an image that is easy to follow, aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.


How I will use this knowledge/application in the future

In the future I will use these concepts and software to help keep my students engaged through presentation tools that help to differentiate content, make information easier to follow and digest.

What is the relative advantage of using this technology?

The advantage of using this technology in the classroom is multi-tier:

  1. Converting information into a delivery method that is easy to understand for the student.
  2. Having another tool from the perspective of the instructor that gives the immediate ability to assess learning, pace lessons and differentiate for the learning styles while simultaneously teaching new concepts.
  3. Providing a fresh delivery style for lessons helps to keep students engaged.


I wonder what would happen if…

I wonder what would happen if school districts would see enough value in these kinds of technologies to invest in the software and training geared towards rolling this out on a wide scale?

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