5-Image Story


ESWDE 5622 – 5-Image Story 9-2-17


This week the class topics included:

  • Apply Visual thinking concepts to creating a 5-image digital story.
  • Creating a digital story via the creation and presentation of a digital story in 5 images


What I learned this week…

  • A 5-image story requires the creator to think critically in order to get a clear message across to the user/reader.
  • Using images that are carefully composed and deliberate gives the storyteller the ability to send a clear message to tell the entire story within the five images.

How I will use this knowledge/application in the future

In the future I will use these concepts and to help keep my students engaged through a 5-image presentation. I will use the application as a way to prescribe a set of instructors or arder of operation. Also, this tool will further assist to differentiate content and make information easier to follow and comprehend.

What is the relative advantage of using this technology?

The advantage of using this technology in the classroom is multi-tier:

  1. Converting information into a delivery method that is easy to understand for the student.
  2. Having another tool from the perspective of the instructor that gives the immediate ability to assess learning, pace lessons and differentiate for the learning styles while simultaneously teaching new concepts.
  3. Providing a fresh delivery style for lessons helps to keep students engaged.


I wonder what would happen if…

I wonder what would happen if I were to attempt to roll-out an entire review lesson in this way. Would this help students simulate to the material better?

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