Social Media

This week the class topics included:

  • Social media used as a tool in the classroom
  • The risks social media brings into an on-line / blended learning environment
  • The possibilities of social media as a tool in an on-line / blended learning environment.


What I learned this week…

  • Social media is currently being used in the class room in a variety of ways. Social media in its nature differentiates content delivery and promotes self discovery.
  • Social media allows instructors to employ modern teaching strategies like ‘Flipped-Classroom’
  • Instructors can also use social media to tap into a wide array of information that exist on the web, as well as, link directly to subject matter / industry experts to bring their knowledge and experience directly in the classroom.
  • Instructors must also beware of the risk associated to introducing social media in to their leaning environments and take the steps to understand policy germane to using social media in the classroom and take steps to mitigate risk to students/teachers/school/school district.


How I will use this knowledge/application in the future

In the future I will use these concepts by subscribing to industry or subject matter experts to enhance the lesson being delivered in the classroom. I will also use a messaging service to convey information to the class, such as changes to assignments or due date or confirm/change the items student will need for the class or lab for the next day.


What is the relative advantage of using this technology?

The advantage of using this technology in the classroom is multi-tier:

  1. Differentiates content delivery.
  2. Promotes self discovery.
  3. Couples the classroom to industry / subject matter experts.
  4. Helps to keep students engaged through a fresh delivery style.
  5. Allow instructors to use update strategies and tools to enhance instruction.


I wonder what would happen if…

I wonder what would happen if I were to ask students to use social media to deliver a presentation to the classroom?

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