eBook and eTextbook

This week the class topics included:

  • eBook and eTextbook
  • Ways to create eBooks
  • eBooks vs. traditional textbooks


What I learned this week…

  • eBooks are changing the way students pay for and use textbooks and because of the benefits to using eBooks like being able to rent them vs. buy them, access them on a device vs. carry them around they are becoming more and more popular.
  • Educators are using eBooks more and more because of their ability revise, refine and customize the books for the needs of their particular classes.
  • Instructor’s ability to reach and engage “new generation” students is enhanced through the use of the eBook. Tools like interactive media, highlighting, assignment tools and etc… continue to increase the value they add to the learning environment.
  • Instructors must also be willing to use strategies and re-plan lessons in order that the technology seamlessly roles-out in the context of the learning environment.



How I will use this knowledge/application in the future

In the future I will use eBooks like the Nation Electrical Code on-line eBook version for the benefits created by using eBooks. I prefer to eliminate the need for students to have to carry this book to and from my class because it doesn’t happen easily in a real world construction scenario. So, when students learn to access and use the on-line version they are learning a method that keeps them connected to the NEC in the field and make it more likely that they will apply it in real life.


What is the relative advantage of using this technology?

The advantage of using this technology in the classroom is two tier:

  • Having access to eBooks from a student perspective has many benefits – access, interactive tools, assignment tools and the easy of obtaining it, is an easy to see advantage
  • For educators a lot of those same advantages apply with the additional advantage of being able to readily customize the content to suit the needs of the learning environment.


I wonder what would happen if…

I wonder what would happen if eBooks embedded all forms of media ie… audio, video and interactive media. What impact would that make on these books vs. paper copies?

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