Kevin and his family reside in Galena since 2008. His passions, gifts, and education revolve around business, construction management, community improvement projects, and development of individuals. His educational experiences include graduating from Columbus Brookhaven High School, (was a collegiate football player with the Miami University OHIO), a Master in Information Systems Management (Keller Graduate School of Management), a Graduate Certificate in Information Security (Keller Graduate School of Management), pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Workforce Development (The Ohio State University), a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (University of Phoenix), an Associate of Applied Science – Electrician (Columbus State Community College), a Journeyman Wireman (The Ohio State Apprenticeship Council), and Journeyman Wireman (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers).
His professional experiences include the U.S. Army (Finance Specialist), First American Title Company (On-Site Client Solutions Team Leader), International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers  (Electrician Foreman), and Electrical Trades Center (ETC).  Kevin continues to wear many hats at the ETC (Instructor and Project Manager for federal, state, county, and private community improvement projects).  Kevin contributed to the ETC receipt of the Trail Blazers Award in innovation from the U.S. Department of Labor.
Kevin operates under the belief that we have a common thread in ensuring that our communities prosper from a humanistic, economic, and spiritual standpoint.  This growth is experienced from both the things we do as individuals and the things we do collectively as a community. When people employ a shared leadership approach, it allows all stakeholders the ability to participate in identifying solutions and prescribing courses of action for dealing with problems and opportunities.
Kevin’s hobbies and personal interest include fishing, kayaking, college football, boxing, saltwater aquariums, and family.

Kevin L. Rankin